Nevada Workers Comp Attorney for Amputations at Work

Certain on-the-job injuries are more serious than most, and an amputation of a finger, or any other body part, qualifies as very serious. Most work injuries are treatable, but there is no way to treat a missing limb.

What is Specific Loss?

Specific loss means you have lost the use of all or part of the limb or digit, so a missing finger is considered a specific loss of the use of your finger. Each state has a specific loss rating schedule to address each claim.

Workers’ Compensation benefits pay for medical treatment, out of pocket expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Lump-Sum payments can also be made by workers’ comp to an employee who loses a finger or other body part. The lump sum payment is made in addition to traditional work comp benefits. Generally, emotional distress or pain & suffering are not paid by workers’ compensation.

Permanent Partial Disability

Permanent Partial Disability means the worker is not completely unable to work. Although the worker may not be able to perform their previous occupation, they are not incapable of performing a different job that does not require the use of the missing finger or other body part. If an employer does not have another position for a worker that loses a vital body part, the worker may be forced to seek employment elsewhere.

Permanent Partial Disability Rating

The primary physician’s evaluation determines the permanent partial disability rating, based upon age, state of health, work skills, education, and even appearance. This rating is sent to a workers’ compensation adjuster assigned to handle the claim, and a lump sum settlement is determined.

Each state’s lump-sum settlement differs based upon a system of formulas combined with the physician’s rating. If you are not happy with the settlement amount proposed to you, talk to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at the Nevada Work Comp Center today. Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys know Nevada law, and we know how to get you the full compensation you deserve for your work injury. Put our experience to work for you.

When you suffer an amputation at work, you need a Nevada Workers’ Compensation attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights to compensation. There are time limits to file your claim so, contact Attorney Jay Short for a Free Consultation about your legal rights to get started today.Free Case Evaluation – Work Comp Is All We Do