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Head Trauma or Traumatic Brain Injuries At Work

If you have suffered a head trauma or traumatic brain injury (TBI) at work or on the job, you may be entitled to receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Work comp benefits can pay for your doctor bills, out of pocket expenses and reimburse you for time missed from work. The process is complicated, and you would be best served by hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to handle your brain injury claim as expediently as possible.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has labeled Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a public health problem in the United States.

Head InjuryAccording to the CDC’s traumatic brain injury-associated activities report, each year 2 million people in the United States sustain a TBI. Many of these individuals experience a mild injury and do not seek immediate medical treatment. However, others experience serious, acute consequences:

  • 52,000 people in this country die as a result of TBI each year
  • 275,000 are hospitalized per year
  • 1.4 million are treated and released from an emergency department per year

The leading causes of TBI are:

  • Falls (35.2%)
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (17.3%)
  • Being Struck by an Object (16.5%)
  • Assaults (10.0%)

Work-related TBIs are the most serious of on-the-job injuries and can have lasting effects. Approximately 33% of TBI patients require assistance with daily activities a full year after their head injury. Even those who suffer a mild TBI at work may experience such symptoms as:

  • Short Term Memory Loss
  • Problems Concentrating
  • Difficulties Learning New Tasks
  • Organization Issues
  • Lapses in Judgment
When you suffer a head trauma or brain injury at work, you need a Nevada Workers’ Compensation attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights to compensation. There are time limits to file your claim so, contact Attorney Jay Short for a Free Consultation about your legal rights to get started today.

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