Nevada Workers Compensation: Knee Injuries 

Types of Knee Injuries That Can Occur at Work

Knee injuries are common in the workplace, which may make you eligible for workers’ compensation. This can happen in a number of work environments, whether due to repetitive motions or sudden accidents. If you have suffered a knee injury at work, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Not only will this ensure that you receive proper treatment and prevent further damage, but it also serves as documentation of your injury for your workers’ comp claim.

Types of Knee Injuries That Can Occur at Work

As mentioned, knee injuries can occur in a variety of work settings. Some jobs may have a higher risk for certain types of knee injuries, but any employee is susceptible to knee injury. Here are some common knee injuries that may happen at work:

  • Strains or sprains occur when muscles or ligaments surrounding the knee are stretched too far or torn. They can happen from repetitive motions or overexertion.
  • Tendonitis: This is inflammation of the tendons around the knee, usually caused by overuse.
  • Meniscus tears: The meniscus is a rubbery cartilage in the knee that helps cushion and stabilize it. Tears can occur from sudden twisting or turning movements.
  • Fractures: These are breaks in the knee bones, which can happen from falls or other types of accidents.
  • Dislocations: Dislocations to the knee cap or joint can result in serious pain and occur from falls or work activities. 
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries: The ACL is one of the main ligaments stabilizing the knee joint. Injuries to this ligament often occur from sudden stops or changes in direction.

Under Nevada law, injured workers are entitled to medical treatment for their work injury. This includes coverage for doctor visits, surgeries, physical therapy, medications and other necessary treatments. In addition, if the injury results in temporary or permanent disability that prevents the worker from returning to work, they may receive wage replacement benefits.

How an Injury Lawyer Can Help

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you have suffered a knee injury at work. These can include payment for medical expenses, lost wages, and disability benefits. An experienced injury lawyer can help. An attorney specializing in workers’ compensation cases will have a deep understanding of Nevada’s laws and regulations and the experience to navigate the claims process. They can help ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted on time, increasing your chances of a successful claim.

Overall, if you have suffered a knee injury at work, it is important to understand your rights and seek legal assistance to recover the compensation you deserve. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced injury lawyer for help with your workers’ compensation claim. So, be aware of your rights and do not hesitate to seek legal help if you have been injured at work. Your health and well-being are important, and workers’ compensation supports you during this difficult time. Remember: it is always better to ask for help than to suffer in silence. Contact an injury lawyer today for more information on how they can assist you

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