Nevada Workers’ Compensation: Construction Injuries

Construction Injuries Are Common and Lead to the Need for Workers’ Compensation

Construction work is inherently hazardous, leading to a range of injuries among workers that require workers’ compensation benefits. The most common construction-related injuries include:

  • Falls from heights, such as scaffolding or ladders, result in broken bones or more severe consequences. 
  • Injuries from heavy machinery and equipment can lead to crush injuries, amputations, or lacerations. 
  • Repetitive motion injuries and strains from lifting heavy materials can cause long-term musculoskeletal issues. 
  • Exposure to hazardous materials can result in respiratory problems, skin conditions, or other serious health complications.

Construction Injuries Are Common and Lead to the Need for Workers’ Compensation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, the construction industry reported approximately 200,000 nonfatal injuries and illnesses among its workers, representing a significant proportion of workplace incidents in the United States. The incidence rate of these injuries in the construction sector is higher than the national average for all industries, underscoring the inherently dangerous nature of construction work. Additionally, construction fatalities accounted for around 20 percent of all private industry worker fatalities, highlighting the critical need for stringent safety measures and regulations to protect these workers.

The Impact of Construction Injuries

The impact of construction-related injuries on workers extends far beyond the initial physical harm. Many workers face prolonged recovery periods, during which they cannot work, resulting in financial instability and stress for them and their families. The psychological toll of coping with injury, potential long-term disability, or the fear of returning to a high-risk job can also be significant. 

Injured workers often encounter challenges navigating the complex process of workers’ compensation claims to receive the benefits and support they need. This situation underscores the importance of implementing comprehensive safety measures and ensuring injured workers receive adequate care, support, and compensation to facilitate their recovery and return to work.

Reporting the Injury Accident

The workers’ compensation process for construction injuries begins with the injured worker reporting the incident to their employer as soon as possible. This critical step initiates the claim process and is necessary for the worker to receive benefits. Employers are then responsible for providing the required claim forms and guiding the injured worker through the filing process. Once the claim is filed, it is reviewed by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, which assesses the injury, its connection to the workplace, and the appropriate compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages.

Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

Navigating the workers’ compensation system can be difficult for many injured workers. The process involves stringent deadlines, detailed injury documentation, and, often, medical assessments by approved healthcare providers. Workers may also need to provide evidence that the injury was work-related and occurred during their employment.

Seeking Help from a Nevada Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

An experienced attorney can provide invaluable guidance, ensuring the claim is properly filed and all procedural requirements are met. Legal representation becomes particularly critical in cases where disputes arise over the validity of a claim, the extent of an injury, or the amount of compensation due. Lawyers specializing in workers’ compensation can advocate for the worker’s best interests, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent the worker in hearings or appeals. This legal support increases the chance of a favorable outcome and alleviates the burden on injured workers, allowing them to focus on their recovery.

Attorney Jay Short: Workers’ Comp Claims

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