What to Do After a Work Injury in Nevada

Notify Your Employer and Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

If you’ve suffered a work injury, there are certain steps you should take to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. In Nevada, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner is responsible for regulating workers’ compensation insurance in the state. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with Nevada workers’ compensation laws and procedures so you can properly navigate through the process.

Notify Your Employer and Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

First, seek medical attention immediately after sustaining a work injury —even if it seems minor or insignificant. Prompt treatment can help reduce any lasting pain or suffering. To file a workers’ compensation claim in Nevada, contact your supervisor or employer as soon as possible and submit a written report detailing how the injury occurred and what symptoms were experienced at the time. State law provides only seven days to do so.

Filing the Claims

Next, you will need to file a work injury claim with the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations (DIR). You can do this by downloading or requesting a “First Report of Injury” form from the DIR website and submitting it to your employer within seven days after suffering the injury. This form should include detailed information about the incident, such as date and location of injury, contact information for witnesses if any were present, and any other pertinent details. Your employer may have preferred providers that you are required to use. If you see a doctor outside the provider, you may end up having to pay that bill yourself.

Your Employer Is Then Responsible for Filing This Report With the DIR

Once your work injury claim is submitted, all compensation benefits will be administered by the state-approved insurance carrier that your employer uses. The insurance carrier will review medical records and make a determination on whether or not you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. If approved, you will be able to receive payments to cover lost wages, medical bills, and other associated costs.

Appealing Your Claim

If your claim is denied or if you believe the amount of compensation offered by the insurer is not adequate, you can appeal your case with the Nevada Workers’ Compensation Section. An attorney can help guide you through this process and ensure that your rights remain protected throughout the duration of your case.

By familiarizing yourself with these steps and taking appropriate action following an injury at work, you can make sure that you receive the maximum benefits available under Nevada workers’ compensation laws. Taking prompt action after a workplace injury is key in ensuring that all rights and interests are protected in accordance with state laws.

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